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Bossier Jiu Jitsu Reviews

  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    Mike Braswell is by far the most down to earth teacher I've ever had, immediately makes you feel welcome and is patient with you despite whatever shortcomings you might think you have, Mike will make sure you overcome them. I'm insanely out of shape and overweight, but I am able to perform everything Mike has shown the class and the few finer points I'm unsure of, he will come over and personally show you. Best place to train if you're interested and there's absolutely no reason to think you won't feel welcome here whether you're athletic or overweight, it does not matter, to Mike you're always going to be treated like family.

    Dan Maida
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    Love the people! Love the workouts! Each instructor have what they are passionate about and that’s what we do! Love that they work you from the inside out and teaches you focus.. especially what you eat, self defense, and that no one is perfect just show up .. it’s 45 minutes of workout you might not do some days!

    Christol Britton
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    Team Hopkins is the place to be...I love the program as well as the staff...They are very loving, understanding, and care very much about you as well as others...They are always donating for very good causes...This is what I've been looking for for a very long time. With the price they offer and the activities you are getting a steal for your deal

    Fayth Goode
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    I attend the Fight Fit program at Hopkins. The instructors are extremely helpful, encouraging, and invested in our well-being. The classes are challenging and targeted. I lost weeks in the gym, but they welcomed me back and pushed me harder. I was never been excited about working out before finding this program at Hopkins, but now, I leave everyday with a smile and a newfound strength. Thank you Mike and team!

    Amanda Sapp
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    I love the atmosphere. All of the instructors/coaches are so positive and motivating. They want to see us succeed. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to take control of their health.

    Julie Hendrix
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    Love working out here! The coaches may kick your butt every time but it’s working and worth it. Love my new workout place! ❤️❤️❤️ #teamkelly #weddingdresstime #march17

    April Davis Williams
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    They are so nice and welcoming. Just had my first workout and it was great! Best place in Bossier City to workout. And they help with an eating plan.

    Nancy Woodward Miller
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    Love this Academy very traditional Jiu Jitsu. Mike and the team welcome new comers with open arms and share their Jiu Jitsu technique wholeheartedly. There's a place for everyone at this academy, Mike and all practitioners are open to answering questions and assisting everyone one on one. Love my experience here and continue to look forward in growing my passion for the art at this academy.

    Nino Garcia
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    Training jiu jitsu has been a life changing experience for me. I'm so thankful that this is the school that I decided to train at. The sense of community and the level of teaching is unmatched in the shreveport/bossier area.

  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    Unequal on all levels. Easily the best and most technical jiu jitsu in the Shreveport/Bossier area.

  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    Big thanks to Mike for allowing me to train with the school while TDY to the area. The students are great and the instruction/rolls were awesome. Thanks again!

    Brooks Hartley
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    The coaches are inspiring! The ladies I worked with are inspiring! Good location, great atmosphere.

    Vernecia Webster
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    I love that every staff member here makes you feel like part of a team. Very positive, supportive, and encouraging.

    DeAnna Daun Morgan Fuller
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    This place is awesome. Kids love it and I love it to. Great staff that makes you feel at home. Would definetly recommend it to anyone looking into self defense or that has a kid being bullied

    Greg N Claudette Haun
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    I trained here while in town visiting family. I've been practicing BJJ for a little over 7 years. The instruction was spectacular and I really enjoyed the classes I attended. The facilities are well-designed and immaculately maintained. The folks who train there were friendly and welcoming. If I lived in the area I would train here regularly.

    Shayne Barlow
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    Absolutely an awesome place to train and learn Jujitsu. Everyone made me feel welcome.

    Joey Presley
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    I think Mike Braswell is the bee's knees. They have a great group of guys who are fun to train with.

    Christopher Hill
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    Amazing for kids and adults! The people are extremely knowledgeable and friendly :)

    Nicholas Bramlage
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    Awesome place to train also great instructor and organization!

    Eugene Prowse
  • Kids Martial Arts Bossier City

    Great place to work out for whole family! Really enjoy!

    Derek Reynolds

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